Blast, Paint & Tiling

Blast, Paint, Industrial Tiling & Poly Spraying

Blast & Paint

DGH Engineering has a dedicated Blast & Paint facility at our Paget operations. This facility is both efficient and environmentally sound. We work to rigorous customer supplied specifications, as well as national and international standards.

The blast and paint facilities consist of a fully enclosed Blast Chamber with the latest environmentally approved technology enabling two operators to be utilised at any time. To compliment this, we also have three paint chambers.
With a blast and paint facility consisting of an 800sq meter undercover area, DGH Engineering offer an all weather facility to ensure our clients painting and blasting needs are met and jobs dispatched in a timely fashion.

Industrial Tiling

Our tiles are applied with a heat resistant, high tension adhesive and can be pre-engineered to specific shapes and contours, so that they can be applied on non-flat and cylindrical surfaces such as cyclones, chutes and centrifuges. We have experienced tilers available to tile both in out workshop or onsite.
We have the capability to spray poly, both on-site or in our workshop using the most high tech machinery available.

Poly Spraying

Our experienced applicators can apply coats from 3mm to 20mm thick. The equipment allows linings to be applied to floatation cells, tanks, shaker screen, spirals, agitator blades, under pans, pontoons, sumps, etc.

DGH Engineering ensure quality control through out the blast, paint, tiling and poly spraying process is undertaken and recorded to ensure the final product meets the most stringent requirements and specifications demanded in today's climate.

It is for these reasons our customers remain, as we provide them with a consistent quality service first time every time.